Branching out with her work,  Lily Allen is fresh off of the unveiling of her new jewelry line at London’s Claridges hotel.

Talking about how much fun it is to be involved in such a project, the “Smile” singer gushed, “I was so excited when I was asked to design a jewelry collection.”
Lily continues, “I was in New York and literally went straight out to a bookshop and bought about 40 reference books, on everything from antique jewelry to modern-day bling. Then I went through them and chose loads of things that inspired me. I sent them to the designers with annotations on how I wanted the pieces to look and how to update them.”

Explaining that she was forced to learn things on the fly, Allen adds, “I had no idea about how to design a coherent collection so I asked my old friend, jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge, what to do. I have always loved her stuff. She told me to design different ranges within the collection.”

With pieces ranging from $60 to $100 each, Lily explains of her creations, “Firstly there’s the coin collection, which is a nod to my gypsy past. My grandmother was a proper gypsy, and I have inherited quite a lot of her pieces. We took the idea of coins as the basis and then updated them by putting moons and stars on the faces. I also wanted to do something with fruit and animals, and of course, smiley faces to match my body tattoo.”