Leona Lewis saves a rabbit from being eaten by a tramp

We have to admit this feel good story has brightened up our Wednesday no end. Leona Lewis reportedly saved a rabbit from being eaten by a tramp after buying it off him for $100.

The 2008 X Factor winner, who is currently working on her second album in the US, spotted the white bunny tied to a lead sitting next to a tramp.

So the vegetarian and PETA supporter went straight up to find out the fate of the furry creature. To which the homeless man replied that he was probably going to eat it!

A source said:

“Leona is the proud owner of a new white rabbit called Melrose which she is keeping in her garden. She was shopping on Melrose Avenue last week when she spotted it being kept on a lead by a homeless man.

“She didn’t think life on a lead was any way for a rabbit to live – then when he said he was going to eat it she knew she had to save it. Now it has the run of her garden without the fear of being cooked for dinner.”

We think we love Leona even more now!