Even though she’s now a best selling author with her days on “The Hills” well behind her, Lauren Conrad is evidently still not above stirring up tabloid drama with her old BFF, Heidi Montag.

In the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the 23 year-old “LA Candy” describes the difference between herself and Speidi as, “I don’t call magazines and let them know about things so they can write stories. There was never an incentive to keep doing The Hills so I could get into [Hollywood club] Les Deux. That was never the point. It was more to create a fan base so I can go create a business and do something I really love doing.”

Regarding the now infamous pic of the pair wearing swine-flu masks while on vacation in Mexico earlier this year, Conrad notes, “I don’t know if it was so funny because people really were being affected by that disease. But otherwise [Heidi and Spencer] are very entertaining. You have to laugh.”

Asked about her former best friend’s upcoming spread in the September issue of Playboy, Conrad replies that Heidi’s fake boobs “aren’t going to pay for themselves.”

Dag Lauren….that’s some cold chicken soup!

LC’s comments are only the latest in what’s been a truly bad month for the pair, including a tongue lashing from “Tody Show” host Al Roker, a diss song by Brooke Hogan and, of course, getting banned by the E! Network.

Hopefully, things go better for Speidi in August.