Reality TV star Lauren Conrad is set to conquer the big screen – she’s adapting her bestselling book L.A. CANDY into a film. The Hills star released her debut novel in June and has since topped the New York Times Best Seller list for Children’s Chapter Books.

And now the 23 year old is hoping to make a movie out of the hit semi-autobiographical novel, about a teen girl who moves to Los Angeles and lands her own reality TV show. Conrad tells the New York Daily News, “We’re hoping for a movie deal. I’m working on (adapting the book) right now, but I don’t want to commit to anything until I see all my options. We have had a lot of exciting news in that respect, though.”

And the socialite is expanding the L.A. Candy chronicles even further by putting pen to paper to write a sequel to her first novel. She adds, “I actually finished the first draft – I’m doing edits right now. It picks up where the first left off. I signed a three-book deal, so this is all part of the same story. The second book will be more dramatic than the first. It’s a relief, because I didn’t have to worry about character introductions.”