The 68-year-old actor thinks his age will give him an edge in the I’m a Celeb jungle

As the oldest I’m a Celeb contestant contestant, Larry Lamb insists he won’t let his age get the better of him inside the jungle.

The 68-year-old former Eastenders star will see out his time in the jungle to the end.

“When you get to my age, you are always the old one,” he said. “On a film or acting job, I am always the Grandad!

“Am I fit? I’m nearly 70 years old and I am fit for a 68 year old.

“I am definitely not going to quit the Jungle though, I will stay until I am booted out.

In some ways this will be the toughest thing I have ever done and in other ways, it won’t be.

“The experience is why I am doing this. As you get older, if a challenge presents itself you need to seize the opportunity.”

Creepy crawlies, exotic creatures and the feared Bushtucker Trials do not phase dad-of-four Larry one bit.

The actor has seen it all in his 68 years and he will take on anything that comes his way.

“Nothing in the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! camp is going to kill you,” he said.

My phobias? I don’t actually have any. When you’re an actor, you never know what is going to happen but if something goes wrong, it’s pretty scary.

“And it’s actually scarier than anything I can think of in the Jungle.”

It is clear that heartthrob Larry picked up some tips about life in the jungle from his former flame Lady Colin Campbell.

He previously dated the 67-year-old who was the star of last year’s show.

Larry, who is famous for his role as Archie Mitchell in EastEnders, has also been egged on by his presenter son George.

The 36-year-old radio DJ and Larry’s other children were the ones that convinced him to sign up for the show.

I made a pilot in the Spring for a new comedy series and we were going to be commissioned to make it around now,” he explained.

“But for whatever reason it hasn’t happened yet. I’d finished a film and when this suddenly came up, I happened to tell my kids who kept saying, ‘do it, do it’.

“I’m not nervous, more excited. It’s a great experience and a challenge.”

But the TV favourite, who has also starred in Gavin & Stacey as Mick Shipman, The Bill, Casualty and New Tricks, might face a few difficulties in the jungle.

He might face some battles during the gruelling Bushtucker Trials having suffered hearing loss after contracting malaria in 2010.

The other thing Larry might struggle with is coping without a cup of tea.

Aside from his family and friends, he admits this is what he will miss most.

But even without a kettle, Larry claims he is a promising cook, and it’s only the lack of sugar in the camp that could get under his skin.

I probably will get a little bit grumpy with no food and you will have that lack of brain sugar going on,” he said.

“But I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, so at least I don’t have those issues to deal with when I am there.

“It will be interesting to eat the disgusting meat,” he added. “But if you were stuck in a real life Jungle and you saw something that could be eaten, you would eat it!”

Larry revealed that he has not done any preparation ahead of going into the jungle – not even reducing his portion sizes to get used to eating only rice and beans.

But he’s viewing the whole experience as one big party, and won’t let an empty stomach dampen his spirits.

“If I had to spend a lifetime with people who got on my nerves, then that would be difficult but three weeks is fine,” he said.

“It’s like being invited to a big party where nobody knows each other but you are all there together and you’ve got to get along.”

Looking forward to being himself rather than acting a role, Larry added that his ideal campmate would be POTUS Barack Obama.