At first, it looked like the Kylie Jenner and Tyga breakup would be one of the most drama-free celebrity splits in years.

 Within days of when the news went public, both parties were rumored to be involved with new significant others.

Kylie was spotted partying with PartyNextDoor.

(If you’re over 25, that’s a rapper not some new social networking site.)

Meanwhile, Tyga is reportedly dating Demi Rose, a Kylie doppelganger who’s surprisingly popular on social media.

Actually, when you check out her Instagram highlights, the fact that she’s amassed millions of followers isn’t all that surprising:

Anyway, Kylie may have thrown some subtle shade at Tyga yesterday, but other than that, we figured she was handling the end of her first real relationship surprisingly well.

Now we’re beginning to have second thoughts:

 Yes, Kylie is waist-training again, but we’ll give her a pass on that for now.

What’s really interesting about this clip is that Kylie is lip-syncing to “Been That Way” by Bryson Tiller, a song about a shattered relationship.

Kylie’s not big on emoting (Botox’ll do that to ya), but the line “How did we become so distant?” seems to have some resonance for her.

Obviously, we have no way of knowing if she had Tyga on the mind, but there’s strategy behind almost everything Kylie posts on social media.

And it’s not like she didn’t know how her fans would react to that clip.