Over the past year, while some of the reports regarding a romance between “Twilight” stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been stretching, to say the least, others have seemed to possess a kernel of truth. The latest indication of off-screen romance between the two, however, seems to offer more than just passing speculation.

Reported today by Ok! Magazine, why would 19 year-old Stewart be leaving Pattinson’s hotel room in the early morning hours? Not only that, but (confirmed by pictures) why would she be doing so just one day after the 23 year-old actor had been snapped leaving her home in LA?

According to the report, Stewart was spotted leaving through the side-entrance of Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont hotel this morning, where Pattinson has been staying since returning to Los Angeles earlier this week. Following her departure, Pattinson was seen eating breakfast alone on his room’s patio.

Of course why the two continue to be seen spending time together alone and off set wouldn’t be noteworthy, except for the fact: A hundreds of thousands of “Twilight” fan inquiring minds want to know, and B both have gone out out of their way to deny they’re romantically involved.

So could this latest evidence finally be the straw forcing them to admit they’re indeed more than just friends? Are they more than just friends? If so, why all the secrecy? Wouldn’t it make the saga of Bella and Edward all the more intriguing to fans?

In any case: Stay tuned….