Kristen Stewart was so worried about performing an emotional scene in the new TWILIGHT movie – she collapsed in tears before the cameras started rolling. The young actress plays heroine Bella Swan in the hugely successful vampire franchise – which tells the tale of a mortal who falls in love with a kindly bloodsucker, played by Robert Pattinson.

But the star feared she would let fans down if she didn’t properly portray the intense sadness her character feels when her vampire lover leaves her – and sobbed uncontrollably before she was due on set. She tells, “Before the scene, I was sitting in my car, like, f**king crying – crying so hard you can’t breathe, because I was really overwhelmed and intimidated by the scene. Everyone says, ‘She better be able to pull off the emotion in this movie!’ And it’s such an important moment in the book, when he leaves. I’m thinking, ‘We have to be done now. Just tell me we’re done.'”