kristen-stewartTwilight star Kristen Stewart has revealed that she keeps wolves.

The actress told David Letterman that her family has wolf-dog hybrids as pets. The animals are legal but are said to resemble the feral non-hybrid wolf.

“He’s really sweet. He falls at my feet,” Stewart said of Jack, the oldest dog.

After seeing shots of the wolf hybrids with what Letterman said looked like “dismembered, bloody bones” in the background, the veteran TV presenter joked: “I can hear people picking up their phones right now, ordering wolves.”

Stewart went on to become animated when the talk show host brought up the issue of wolf packs killing elk in Yellowstone National Park, raging: “You know what, it’s such an awful thing because all of the hunters have much more of a privilege to shoot them. That’s the only reason we’re killing the wolves, and it’s awful!”