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Kim Kardashian may be putting on a brave face (or at least typing bravely) by writing to her fans that she’s “okay” on her website, but that doesn’t mean that she’s over ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. According to Kim’s sister Kourtney Kardashian, Kim needs some time alone, and is still having trouble absorbing that Reggie’s gone.

Speaking on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Kourtney said that Kim’s been staying busy looking for a new home. Said Kourtney, “We actually went looking for houses yesterday. She found some to-die-[for] houses.”

But a house isn’t a fix for a broken heart. Kourtney insisted her sister was doing okay but said, “[She] just needs alone time and [to] focus on herself.” And the search for great real estate doesn’t always make things easier. Said Kourtney, “You go see this amazing house that’s, like, a family house, and she’s like, ‘Wait, where does Reggie fit into all of this?’ That’s what, I think, she’s struggling with.”

But if there’s such a thing as a peaceful break-up, Kim and Reggie seem to have had one. In fact, Kourtney says that the Kardashians aren’t upset with him at all (which is saying a lot, because they’re one dramatic bunch). To illustrate the point, Kourtney said, “My mom just said she’s going to [football] training camp and lugging him back.”

We guess this lack of ill-will means that that story about Kim possibly being involved with Kanye West shortly before the break-up was made up. Which is good because the idea of listening to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West talk about house hunting together sounds pretty intolerable. We don’t think we could bear listening to Kanye talk about how his and Kim’s house is a gift from God that is better than all other houses out there.