kim-kardashian-picture-3Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is “dating her work”.

Kim’s older sister Kourtney has said her 29-year-old sister puts work first.

While at Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel at a Beach Bunny Swimwear event, Kourtney told “She’s dating her work.

“Kim is a workaholic.”

Kim is currently dating Dallas Cowboys star Miles Austin, 26, and Kourtney just wants her sister to be happy but does not think she has found the “perfect” person just yet.

The 31-year-old said: “[Kim] is having fun.

“I don’t think she’s found that perfect person for her yet.”

She added: “Everything happens for a reason, like Khloe [Kardashian] and Lamar [Odom].

“One second you meet someone, and you’re married a month later – you never know, there is no time limit – not everyone meets their perfect person at the same age.”