Celebrities – they really are just like us. And no, that doesn’t only mean that they sometimes go to the grocery store, it means that they can’t leave a country without their passport. Which is a lesson Kim Kardashian learned the hard way after flying from Botswana to Johannesburg, South Africa. Kardashian had forgotten her passport on the plane, and thus, she explained, “They wouldn’t let me out of the customs line.”

Kardashian had been touring around Africa with her boyfriend Reggie Bush and her sister Khloe in connection with the Russell Simmons Diamond Empowerment Fund.

Kardashian explained the mishap by saying, “I left my passport on the plane! They claimed they looked for it but I had a feeling they didn’t. They called the embassy and said I would have to sleep at the hotel airport.” We’re not sure if Kim realizes this, but it’s not the job of airport employees to keep track of her passport. It’s her job. It’s her most important job while traveling. Perhaps she thought that that was making sure her hair stays perfectly curled at the ends while flying, or that there’s a movie on the plane that she’s in the mood to catch.

But it was Reggie to the rescue. Explained Kardashian, “Reggie begged to go back and check for the passport himself…and he found it! He saved the day.”

The Kardashians and Reggie Bush then got back to their trip. Of their cause, Kardashian explained, “We want to educate people how much the diamond industry has helped so much in contrast to what people believe…” Seems like there are more pressing issues to throw yourself behind than how much bad press the diamond industry gets. But what do we know…just because we know where our passports are, doesn’t mean we have all the answers.