Reality TV star KHLOE KARDASHIAN has laughed off reports she’s set to wed her sports star beau SHAUN PHILLIPS. San Diego Chargers player Phillips announced on his page last month (20Jul09) that he planned to propose to the 25-year-old. He wrote, “Me and my fabulous yet gorgeous yet magnificent yet undeniably beautiful soon to be finance (sic) Khloe Kardashian are have a wonderful nite out.”

Friends and fans were quick to congratulate the couple – but Khloe Kardashian had to break the news to pals that wedding bells aren’t imminent. She writes on her website, “Just got off the plane and I had all these texts and voicemails asking if I was engaged. The answer to that is a definite no! I seriously could not stop laughing! It’s so funny because it’s totally our fault that this all started because we were Twittering about our date night, but of course it got twisted into an entirely different story. Just know that SP is my best friend and don’t always believe everything you hear!”