Kerry Katona’s bankruptcy order to be cleared in less than a month

Kerry Katona emerged from Manchester’s Civil Justice Centre triumphant today, after hearing that her bankruptcy order will be lifted in less than a month. The court heard how Katona is finally back on track to pay off the £82,000 tax payment.

The former Atomic Kitten star was issued with a bankruptcy petition last August after she failed to deliver the final portion of a £417,000 tax bill(!).

But the 28-year-old’s lucrative deals with Iceland and MTV have improved her finances and Katona has also re-structured her payment system to help clear the remaining debt.

A source said:

“Revenue and Customs seem to be pretty happy that the tax bill is going to be paid off. Kerry has kept up to date on all her latest payments and she’s almost in the clear.”

Katona is known for her wild spending sprees which are, apparently, partly caused by her bi-polar condition. Well done, Kerry.

Let’s hope she can keep a better eye on her spending from now on…