The two women followed the same fashion formula at the Lakers game against the Rockets on Wednesday

They are the best of friends after working together.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss stepped out together for another front-row display on Wednesday.

The glamorous pair were spotted at the Lakers game against the Rockets at Hollywood’s Staples Center, where they certainly seemed to sync their style.

Kendall and Karlie enjoyed front-row seats at the event

Keeping it casual for the occasion, cover star Kendall wore a pair of stonewash jeans which she matched with a designer t-shirt.

Scraping her hair up into a taut braid, she slapped-on plenty of make-up and capped the look with a pair of nude heels.

Meanwhile, Karlie opted for a sexier style in leather-effect trousers and a black top which showed off her curves.

Sharing the same stylist? The women seemed to be following the same formula

Seated centre-stage for all to see, duo could be seen getting excited as the game played out before them.

The latest sighting comes just days after Kendall was embroiled in a rather embarrassing photo-shopping gaffe.

Kendall and Gigi Hadid bizarrely had their knees removed in a cover shoot for W Magazine.
The women were clearly enjoying themselves at the game…

The BFFs couldn’t resist a quick gossip as the game played out

The fancy images, which are part of the magazine’s 10th Anniversary Art issue , showed Kendall cuddling a puppy and Gigi offering her a drink, while a chicken peeks out of a tent and a drone lies abandoned in the foreground – which is surreal enough situation even without the limb issue.

Both women appear to have one of their legs intact, while the other is an odd, rubbery-looking kneeless limb, more commonly seen on a Barbie doll.

It was spotted by Twitter users, with one commenting: “Another unrealistic body expectation for women : no knees”

It’s unclear if it was intentional, or an EPIC editing error.