There’s at least one woman in Hollywood who won’t be going under the knife for bigger breasts anytime soon – and it’s Kelly Ripa. The morning television personality says that she’s perfectly happy with her body. We have a feeling that Kelly knows that as long as she’s looking better than Regis Philbin, she’s doing okay.

Speaking to Life & Style, Ripa said, “I have small boobs. When I shop, I basically hold the clothes up, put the hanger over my head and go, ‘It kinda looks like it’ll fit. If the price is right, I’ll take it and have it altered, because I normally have to have the bust taken out of everything.” And we’re guessing when you’re Kelly Ripa, it’s not very often that the price isn’t right.

At only 5 foot 3 inches, Kelly Ripa is fine with needing to have her clothing altered to fit her tiny frame as it’s a hell of a lot easier than having her body altered. When asked if she’d ever consider breast implants, Ripa said she wasn’t against other people having surgery but she was too scared of the idea. Said Ripa, “I would never have a boob job. I am too wimpy. Are you kidding? I am such a wimp!”

Kelly added, “I like to say I’m a 32A long. I’ve added the long because I’ve nursed three kids.” This might be the least sexy thing we’ve ever heard a woman say about breasts.

But Kelly is sexy enough for her husband, actor Mark Conseulos, and that’s good enough for her. Said Ripa, with Mark at her side, “I feel really happy as I am now and with what I’ve got. He’s happy, so he doesn’t care about that.”

Who wouldn’t be happy married to Kelly Ripa? Who cares how big her breasts are, she fits in your pocket!