Now that Paula Abdul has officially left “American Idol,” Fox is scrambling to make the show’s new format seem exciting in her absence – and so far they’re promising a string of big name guest judges including Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry.

Victoria Beckham’s rep confirmed the news that Beckham would be appearing on the show by saying she would make a “one-off appearance” as a guest judge. Great, just what “American Idol” needs. Another dour Brit who has made a career out of not smiling.

Perhaps we’re supposed to take Beckham seriously as a judge because, after all, she was once Posh Spice. But we have a feeling that producers are tapping Beckham more because they hope she’ll be fun to look at in her tight, high-waisted dresses than they are because she actually has anything insightful to say. They may be over-estimating how fun it is to watch someone pout.

As for Katy Perry…yeah, that will probably be less irritating as at least she’s got a bubbly presence. But it still seems like a poor fix for Paula Abdul, and not one that Abdul’s fans will take to kindly.

The search is also underway for a permanent fourth judge, which Fox hopes to have in place by January when taped episodes of the ninth season begin. Speaking to the Television Critics Association on Thursday, Peter Rice, the chairman for entertainment at Fox Broadcasting, said, “What we need to find is someone who has great chemistry. It’s really a casting job. There are multiple right answers and there are multiple wrong answers. Our job in next four to five months is to really consider what makes this the most fun and the most entertaining.”

Getting rid of Abdul in the first place, may have been one of the multiple wrong answers.