In case you missed UGO writer Jordan Hoffman’s report on the debut of a 2-minute “New Moon” clip at San Diego Comic-Con, this clip should give you an idea of the female hysteria surrounding the upcoming “Twilight” sequel.
With hundreds of the girls heard in the audience having camped out overnight just to watch the two-minute clip, it really can’t be denied: Young female women of the non-male variety love Robert Pattinson. A lot. Which is why 20 year-old “30 Rock” star Katrina Bowden’s recent comments on the British heartthrob seem slightly disingenuine.

“I think he’s a good looking guy,” Bowden told People.com last night in NYC, “but I’m not that into him. He’s not really my type.” Bowden goes on to note Pattinson “looks like he has a scowl on his face, which some people find very sexy. I like somebody who’s more funny and jokey – a little less serious looking.”

Bowden adds that she prefers a guy who’s “ambitious and has big goals for themselves, but also doesn’t take themselves too seriously.”

Ok, Katrina….the fact you have a strong opinion about Pattinson’s looks at all tends to suggest there’s some interest there. Unless you’re the 20 year-old girl equivalent to Neo in “The Matrix” – representing the one female who can see what nobody else can – we doth think you protest too much. Seriously, just call the guy and ask for a date. Worst thing that happens is he says “no.”