Despite her recent trials and tribulations Katie Price was in high spirits as she left the Dorchester in London last night.

Joined by her mum Amy and good friend Mr. Paparazzi, Katie was wearing a short blue sequinned dress and was worried the crowd of snappers were going to try and take an up-skirt shot so she asked the willing doorman to help her into her car to avoid any embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Katie’s estranged husband Pete has hit back at reports he’s banned his wife from their daughter’s Barbie themed birthday party this weekend. Pete posted the following message on his Twitter:

“Hi everyone, I know there are much bigger problems than my own out there. But just for the record all stories about me banning Kate from our daughters birthday is just hearsay rubbish. I have only ever spoken in my new mag and all other stuff is made up. everyday it gets worse so please don’t believe it all ok . yes i speak in my collumn. That’s it. Anyway, bigger problems in world…” (sic)

Okay Peter so if she’s not banned does that mean she’s going? *deadly silence* Oh well, we guess we’ll just have buy a copy of New mag if we want any more answers from Pete.