The former glamour model claims her third husband ‘hasn’t had his karma – yet’

Katie Price and Kieran

Katie Price has sworn revenge on her third husband Kieran Hayler – even if she doesn’t yet know what form it’ll take.

The ex-glamour model appeared to lash out at the father of her two youngest children, Jett and Bunny, claiming that she’ll still seek revenge for his infidelities.

Kieran, 29, who in 2014 was exposed by Katie on Twitter for having affairs with two of her closest friends, has yet to fully understand the pain he put her through, she told The Sunday Times Magazine.

I have a sting,” she confessed.

“I will get my own back, even on Kieran. I always say to him, ‘You haven’t had your karma yet, but something will happen – you’ll see’.

“I want him to go through all that hurt I went through, seeing all those pictures and text messages in The Sun – I wish he could feel the pain that I had, because it’s indescribable. He says he’s sorry he put me through all that, but I think, ‘Nah, you still haven’t felt it’. So I want him to suffer just a little bit.

She also referred to him as “Farmer Joe” and said he’s now “got a one-pack instead of a six-pack”.

The interview comes days after Katie, 38, slammed reports she and Kieran were splitting, after a newspaper claimed she’d shouted that her “marriage is over” on a boozy night out.

She took to Twitter to blast the Daily Star – which had reported her alleged comments – and said she was preparing a lawyer’s letter.

Such a pricey shocker well sorry to shatter your illusions but you couldn’t be further from the truth! I love him and not splitting up #lies ,” she tweeted.

“From the horses mouth me and kieran are 100% together not splitting up we are very happy and very much in love leave our relationship alone.”

Katie later shared a series of loved-up pictures of herself with Kieran on Instagram.