After much anticipation, and by “anticipation” we mean that the four people who watch “So You Think You Can Dance” were really looking forward to this, Katie Holmes performed her Judy Garland dance tribute last night.

The fairer half of TomKat took to the stage decked out in a satin jacket over a revealing sparkly two-piece and topped the look off with a black fedora. She then lip-synched her way through “Get Happy” while strutting her stuff around the stage accompanied by several male backup dancers.

The routine, a recreation of a number Garland performed, wasn’t exactly complicated and led many to wonder why Katie (aka an A-list movie star and wife of an even bigger A-list movie star, Tom Cruise) would agree to appear on a reality talent competition?

In her own words she explained, “I think it’s important to let kids experience music and dancing and singing and the arts and also sports.”

But the rumor mill has it that she’s hoping to catch the eye of some Broadway casting directors who could get her a part in a musical.

Eh, not with this half-a**ed routine, Kate.