Kate Winslet stunned pupils at her former stage school by turning up at a rehearsal session to give them acting tips.

The Oscar-winning star visited the amateur dramatic group Starmaker in Berkshire, England, of which she is a patron, and answered questions from the budding actors and actresses before taking part in a drama workshop.

Winslet said, “Don’t be shy because I am very normal. Ask me questions, anything you like.”

And the 33 year old described her fight against stage fright and how she combats first-night nerves, telling the starstruck youngsters, “When the lights come on you’re so blinded you can’t see the audience. So you don’t have to be nervous at all.”

The star then watched rehearsals for productions of Boogie Nights and The Wizard of Oz before taking part in a workshop with teen Jack Kowalik.

The 15 year old says, “I was so starstruck because she was acting right next to me, and I was thinking: ‘What if I do something really bad’?”