Jon and Kate Gosselin have announced that for the time being, in an effort to focus on the needs of their family, they will not be publicly commenting to the media on their divorce, or anything at all. Good timing, guys. Perhaps this is a move that would have been worth considering before your entire lives began to fall apart.

Jon and Kate Gosselin released a statement on TLC’s website. (TLC airs the soon-to-be former couple’s reality show, “Jon & Kate Plus Eight.”) The statement reads, “During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation.”

We imagine that press shy Jon was all too happy to come to the conclusion that this was what was best for his family. It’s Kate, who just the other day strutted her stuff in a blue bikini in front of the press, whom we imagine needed some convincing that it might be time to keep her business to herself. Although, this statement says nothing about Kate no longer putting on swimwear and showing it off in her driveway. So maybe Kate Gosselin will still get to have a little fun.

The statement continued, “Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many.”

Of course, what Jon and Kate really mean is that this will be done as privately as possible for the next two months, until their show returns from summer hiatus. We have trouble believing that Kate will resist talking to the media, considering that ever since speculation first began to spread that she and Jon were headed for divorce, Kate hasn’t been able to stop giving interviews to anyone who would listen.

Also, as long as these two intend to continue to do their show, can anyone take their talk of wanting privacy even a little seriously?