imagesStepping out for a media appearance,  Kate Beckinsale was spotted at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon (January 16).

The “Serendipity” starlet stopped by “Extra” to talk about her new action thriller “Contraband” and looked lovely in a pretty pink dress.

During a recent interview, Kate talked about the struggle to integrate the filming schedule with her already-full family life.

“I’d been home for a little while. It wasn’t appropriate to pull [my daughter Lily] out (of school). I was trying to figure out what everyone else was doing. I didn’t find anything I was dying to do. And then Contraband came up. It was a supporting role, it wasn’t that long, and I could see how it worked.”

Kate added, “And I really liked the character. She’s the emotional heart of the movie. I think I’m attracted to parts like that because I’m a bit overly in my head sometimes. It’s interesting to test out somebody who lives more instinctively.”