justin-bieber-eminem-casePracticing up on his moves, Justin Bieber was spotted heading to a dance studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (March 28).

The outing comes just as a report put out by TMZ tells that the pop superstar and iconic rapper Eminem are in the middle of a lawsuit over a concert that was allegedly supposed to take place in Seoul, Korea, but never did.

According to a recent filing in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Moonstone Management – a company that describes themselves as a “true leader of creating concerts, corp events, and parties in US and city of Seoul, Korea” – is claiming that another company, J-Mike, was supposed to secure one of the A-list performers for a future concert.

According to Moonstone Management, they put up a down payment of $300,000 back in 2010 to lock in either Bieber or Eminem, but J-Mike never came through on their end of the bargain.

After allegedly being strung along with no results, Moonstone is suing J-Mike for the $300,000 down payment, as well as other unspecified damages.