euwrewirhHollyoaks star Jorgie Porter hopes screen mum Alison Burrows will stick around for a long stint.

Alison Burrows played Theresa McQueen’s conniving mum Kathleen for a brief spell at the beginning of this year, and is returning before the end of the year.

Jorgie, who plays Theresa, told Inside Soap: “I love working with Ali. The scenes we do together are so intense – I hope she stays at Hollyoaks for a lot longer this time.”

Theresa was thrilled by her mum’s arrival in the village the last time around, but was left crushed when she fled the village in disgrace after being caught stealing.

She makes her comeback in December when she is caught trying to use a dodgy £50 note at the SU Bar.

The money-grabbing schemer is set to blackmail the McQueen family when she rumbles one of their darkest secrets.