American singer Jessica Simpson’s lawyers are said to have issued legal warning to a U.S. tabloid for publishing untrue stories about her love life.

American magazine The Star recently reported that Simpson was planning a tell-all book about her life, wherein she might reveal intimate details about her previous romances, including her marriage to singer Nick Lachey, reports the Daily Express .

But representatives for Simpson insist that the story was not true, and her lawyers have now issued a warning letter to the publication, urging editors to issue a retraction and an apology.

According to documents obtained by , the star’s legal team called the stories “unseemly and scandalous”, and ordered the magazine to “cease and desist from publishing any further false and misleading allegations concerning Miss Simpson.”

Simpson previously threatened legal action against U.S. magazine OK! in early 2008, relating to a false article about her relationship with now ex-boyfriend Tony Romo.