As if dumping her dumping her the night before her 29th birthday and banning her from his exclusive gated commuity in Dallas wasn’t enough, it looks like NFL quarterback Tony Romo still has a few ways to make Jessica Simpson look bad.

According to, the 29 year-old Dallas Cowboys player didn’t only break Jess’s heart earlier this month, but also disrupted the schedule for her upcoming reality show, “The Price of Beauty.”

“The plan was to shoot most of it around Tony’s football schedule so she could support him through the season,” a staffer for the VH1 show tells Us. “Now they’re busy redoing the whole shooting schedule.”

Us goes on to report that Romo’s current fling with 22 year-old Jessica look-alike Natalie Smith began while he was still dating Simpson. Sending Smith “flirty texts” prior to the break-up, Romo even introduced his new girlfriend to Jessica back-stage at one of her shows. Smith confirms the story, noting “[Jessica and I] hung out for, like 10 to 15 minutes, backstage. She was cool and nice.”

According to a source close to Romo, however, Romo’s actions weren’t really inappropriate since he and Smith aren’t an official item. “[They’re] not officially dating, but they are having an intimate relationship” the source tells Us.

Hmmm….Good luck in the upcoming football season, Tony. In fact, break a leg!