Debunking claims of a recent breakup,  Justin Timberlake and  Jessica Biel were arm-in-arm while taking a stroll in Vancouver on Wednesday (October 21).

The afternoon outing follows a date night the previous evening, as the “Sexy Back” stud and his “7th Heaven” hottie hit up the Dunbar Theatre to check out “Where the Wild Things Are”.

Also of note, JT is currently in the midst of growing out his hair for his upcoming role in the new movie, “The Social Network”.

Of the longer locks, Timberlake told MTV News, “My hair is obviously growing out for a reason.”

Continuing on about the project, Justin says, “To be honest David Fincher’s so ridiculously genius, we’re all just following his lead. I think we want to tell the story, and I want to tell it through [Aaron] Sorkin’s words and Fincher’s eyes. I think Aaron did a lot of research on all of it. I don’t want to speak for another actor, but I think the consensus for all of us is that we just want to make a great film.”