So now they aren’t going to charge Jessica Alba for posting Great White Shark pictures on the Bricktown underpass in Oklahoma City. Funny, I think, that it was “an online shark conservation blog” that posted the pics that helped her get busted in the first place. Anyway, the police have decided that no charges will be filed and the damage isn’t the city’s problem. It’s up to the railroad and the United Way. Easy fix? Donation, donation, donation? Hmmm, do you think her presence in Oklahoma City filming “The Kller Inside of Me” with Kate Hudson has anything to do with the charges being drop? Okay, I’m sorry, she says.

Okay, I’ll make a donation she says. Okay, no problem, they say. After all, lots of revenue coming into town when they film movies there, huh? Don’t you wish it were that easy for all of us would-be activists who would love to get away with posting pictures of well, whatever all over town?