jessica-alba005Jessica Alba has revealed that she gets ‘crazy’ jealous when it comes to her husband and other women.

The 29-year-old actress said that she can’t help but get the green-eyed monster when she sees Cash Warren talking to other ladies.

She told Access Hollywood, “I’m a wife. So, I know that even if my husband isn’t doing anything with someone that he works with, if they are even remotely attractive or have like, a little bit of energy, or if they even have a little like, cute word back and forth, I get really crazy. And I don’t make any sense.”

And when Warren had to have his wedding ring cut off after a sports accident, she made sure that he got it back on as quickly as possible.

“My husband jammed his finger and had to get his [wedding] ring cut off,” she said.

“He was trying to show off with his friends and trying to act like he was 18 again and so they all played tag football, and then played basketball after it and he had to get his ring cut off.

“He’s like, ‘Babe, everyone knows I’m married’. And I’m like, ‘Oh hell no. You’re wearing the ring again.'”