17535887-jennifer_aniston_spl116704_When in need of some Jennifer Aniston gossip on a slow week:

1. Say she’s pregnant at least or has big “baby news”

2. Say she’s secretly meeting up with / doing Brad Pitt

3. (Or dating Gerard Butler / rom-com co-star du jour)

4. Talk about her “revenge” body or some nonsense

There’s little doubt that while recently shooting Just Go With It with Adam Sandler, Jen looked hotter than ever … or at least since the last time this story ran.

“She looked as if she’s lost an entire dress size,” a witness reports. “She was really petite and avoided the food on the craft services table. She has discipline.”

Thanks to self-control and a newfound philosophy on eating and exercise, Jen’s achieved her best body ever. Friends say that the actress is “totally ecstatic.”

Eh, she looks the same to us. Not that it’s a bad thing. Click to enlarge some Jennifer Aniston pictures from our archives and see if you see any change …