Every once in a while, a Hollywood couple splits and the break-up actually bums us out – and such is the case with Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek who filed for divorce on Friday. Whitford and Kaczmarek have been married for sixteen years, which in Hollywood years is the equivalent of being married for 200 years.

A rep for Bradley Whitford released a statement to People magazine saying, “He hopes the media will respect their wish for privacy as they focus on their children.” Whitford and Kaczmarek have three children together, Frances Genevieve, 12, George Edward, nine, and Mary Louisa, six.

Jane Kaczmarek is best known for her work as the mom on “Malcolm in the Middle,” while Whitford starred on “The West Wing” and the shorter-lived series “Studio 60.”

We can’t help but wonder if the divorce had something to do with all the extra time Kaczmarek and Whitford had on their hands, since she was no longer starring as the mom of a fictional, overly-rambunctious family, and he was no longer starring on a show written by Aaron Sorkin, and thus was no longer indisposed for hours, practicing one over-written incomprehensible monologue after the next.

Those are the kind of time suckers that likely made it a refreshing change when Bradley and Jane actually got to spend time with each other. So if we’re going to blame anyone for this divorce, we’re going to blame those “Malcolm in the Middle” kids for getting too old to be on that show anymore, and Aaron Sorkin for failing to make a television show that wasn’t the equivalent of a cure for insomnia, and could actually stay on the air.

(See, this is what happens when an ultra-private couple gets divorced. There’s absolutely no dirt on them, so we have to write anti-Aaron Sorkin articles. Thanks a lot Jane and Brad, for leading completely respectable normal lives, which are completely gossip-proof.)