Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has gotten engaged. Which is great news for Ivanka, but questionable news for her fiance Jared Kushner…not that there’s anything wrong with Ivanka, but can you imagine having Donald Trump as your father-in-law? We wonder if Donald will tell Jared he’s fired whenever the two aren’t getting along.

Jared Kushner is the New York Observer’s publisher. Ivanka broke her happy news on Twitter writing, “I got engaged last night. Truly the happiest day of my life!!!”

New York Magazine recently did a profile on Ivanka who serves as executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization. Ivanka revealed that she’s glad to have found a boyfriend that’s as ambitious and hard working as she is. Said Ivanka, “Jared and I are very similar in that we’re very ambitious. That’s what makes it so amazing to be in a relationship with someone who is supportive of that.” Ivanka is planning on converting to Judaism for Jared.

Ivanka Trump is no stranger to weddings as last year she helped her mother prepare for her third wedding. At the time, when asked what advice she had for her mother, Ivanka said, “She doesn’t need my advice. Marriage is known to her, with its ups and downs. She’s going into this with her heart and mind open and she’s excited.” We guess now Ivanka can take her own advice…hopefully with more success than her mom had the first two times she gave marriage a shot. And don’t even get us started on her father.

Ivana spoke to People magazine about how happy she is for her daughter today. “I am so thrilled about Ivanka’s engagement,” Ivana said. “She and Jared have been a serious couple for a long time, and their happiness has grown as their relationship has deepened.” The happy mom added, “It is wonderful to see, feel and hear my beautiful daughter so very happy and in love.”

Back when she gave the interview on her mom’s wedding, Ivanka declined to answer whether she was seeing anyone special, saying, “I don’t like bringing them into it.” We guess Ivanka has relaxed a bit, as tweeting her engagement is one of the most public ways she could have possibly broken the news.