heidi-montagHeidi Montag has sparked rumours she has split from husband Spencer Pratt after moving out of the home they share.

The 23-year-old actress, who met Spencer when they starred on reality TV show The Hills, confirmed to People she had left their home in Pacific Palisades, California.

“I’ve always loved Spencer, but right now we’re working on things,” she said.

“I needed some alone time, there are so many lies out there about me and I just needed space – even away from my husband.”

Heidi insisted there was no single reason why she had moved out.

She added: “It’s time to concentrate on myself.”

Heidi drew attention to herself earlier this year when she had major plastic surgery, transforming her appearance with ten procedures in one day.

She also announced Spencer, 26, who she married in Mexico in November 2008, would no longer be her manager and she did not want to be known by the couple’s nickname ‘Speidi’.

She plans to spend the summer clearing her head and getting in some much needed girl time with friend and new roommate Jen Bunney.

The experience will be captured on film as they will be shooting their own reality show. Heidi is also working on writing a movie script.