Reality TV stars Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt made an interesting appearance on The View today. Did their PR team not prep them well enough? In addition to yellow hair extensions that were clearly past their prime, Heidi wore a black top with painted on blue jeans and the highest heels known to man.

A few highlights from the appearance included Spencer claiming that he was ‘tricked’ by his managers into signing the contracts for I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here and Joy calling Heidi out for not being as pious as she would like her fans to believe.

Joy reminded Heidi that she once claimed to be a true disciple of Jesus and hoped to one day be just like Mother Theresa. Joy then went on to ask how that correlates to the recent news that Heidi bared all for Playboy magazine. She responded by calling herself a modern day version of Mother Theresa and went on to say that the magazine was actually quite tasteful with interesting articles.

When asked by Barbara Walters what they had planned for their future, Spencer said, “I don’t plan that far ahead. I live in the moment.” Heidi quickly chimed in with, “We do have aspirations. There’s a rhyme and reason for everything that we do.” Really? Everything?