heidi-klumStopping by for a media appearance, Heidi Klum took to The Grove in Los Angeles to film a segment for “Extra” earlier today (September 14).

The “Project Runway” host showed off her fab physique as she took to the sunny stage, wearing a swooping pale pink top, green pants and platform pumps for her afternoon interview.

Aside from stepping out for the day’s press outing, Heidi has doled out some advice to any of her female fans that may have been gifted something from their guy they didn’t truly love, as she explained, “I think if you’re a woman and a man buys something for you, you should be very thankful. And if you don’t like it, suck it up, and put it on sometimes to make him feel good. Because otherwise, you will not see another jewelry present ever again!”

Miss Klum continued, “And sometimes, it’s nice to wear what your other half likes. Because they’re the ones who look at you all night! So why not?”