Taking care of her day’s duties,  Halle Berry was spotted making her way around town in Los Angeles on Thursday (September 24).

Joined by a gentleman staffer, the “Swordfish” sweetie first dropped by a studio in West Hollywood before heading to her friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills.

As previously reported by Gossip Center, Miss Berry recently chatted with press about her boyfriend of four years, Gabriel Aubry, saying that she first laid eyes on the hunky model on a bus.

“He wasn’t riding on the bus, he was on the side of the bus, you know, he’s a model,” Halle said. “I saw the picture and I just thought, hmm. I just remember making a mental note of, ‘Wow, that’s a good-looking man,’ and then three days later, bam, there’s that good-looking man!”

While still not mentioning any plans of getting married, Berry tells of the long romance, “Four years. The longest relationship I’ve ever had, yes, yes the longest one. For me, that’s good!”