Geez, talk about keeping us on our toes.

There have been whispers of a Gisele Bundchen sproglet on the way for a wee while now…

But, so far, the supermodel hasn’t actually come out and said whether or not the rumours are true.

However, she’s now given a revealing interview and mentioned the ‘c’ word. ‘Child’, that is…

Back in May, hubby Tom Brady told reporters “one is enough” and said “no” about any pregnancy rumours.

But the grapevine has continued buzzing, and so we’ve called in Showbiz Sherlock to see if Gisele’s new banter holds any clues.

Numero uno comes from a TV interview with Brazil’s Fantastico. She said: “I am crazy about children. I am an adoptive mother, I’ve already had this experience for two years.”

She’s talking about her husband, Tom Brady’s son, John, of course. But is it enough of a drop to draw a conclusion from?

Showbiz Sherlock says… it’s inconclusive.

So let’s move onto her other pearls.

She said: “I think I’ve met the right person, my partner, my companion.

“I already knew that we would get married a year and a half before we got married. We felt it. The heart spoke louder.”

Showbiz Sherlock says… getting warmer.

She went on to say: “Before, I had to go out, had to work. Now I think about it twice, three times, four times. So I only do the things that I really want to do.

“I prefer to stay at home. The big husband wins. Because of this relationship, what is most important to me is the family. Now I am creating my other family.”

Showbiz Sherlock says… I’d like to get excited, but she needs to really make it clearer.


Well Gisele, Showbiz Sherlock’s ears are ready and waiting to hear any news you may want to divulge…