George Lucas must be the greatest filmmaker of all time. Just look at how many people attack him and his films, yet can’t resist watching them or talking about them. I mean, it’s not as though Lucas churns out a movie every year, now is it?

Case in point: Stephanie Zacharek of Salon. Her deep dislike for George Lucas and his movies is well-documented but then, a seething resentment against Lucas is mandatory if you want to write for that web site. From David Brin (who wrote The Postman, a movie that pretty much ended Kevin Costner’s movie career) calling Lucas a fascist to Alynda Wheat, who called Lucas a racist to his face and became a total drama queen when he ridiculed her for being a cretin, to David Thomson, who attacked Lucas for not putting more sexual content in movies aimed at ten-year-old boys (how long before this guy gets busted in a men’s room?) to Steven Hart, who thinks that just because he never read mythology or studied comparative religion (as Lucas did before he switched his major from anthropology to film studies) then George Lucas couldn’t have, either. Zacharek has taken her unhealthy fixation on George Lucas to new lows over the years, not only by making up her mind to trash his films before so much as watching them (I defy anyone to read her “reviews” and not think the fix was in) -even attacking him for the cameras and projectors he uses!

So is it any surprise that Stephanie Zacharek uses her review of a Star Trek movie as an opportunity to take another swipe at George Lucas, this time for not including sexual content in Star Wars? Four years AFTER the last Star Wars movie was released? Of course not!