images2Offering up a behind-the-scenes look, Emmy Rossum is featured in just-released outtakes from her cover gig with the January 2012 issue of Zooey.

The 25-year-old actress strapped on a $2,000 Mandalay dress for the magazine’s front page shot, which was taken by renowned photographer Derek Wood.

Meanwhile, highlights from Emmy’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Zooey!

On the upcoming season of “Shameless”:
“Summer is in full swing and the Gallagher family is up to their usual tricks. Fiona is working at a nightclub, the kids are running a daycare service for the neighborhood out of the living room, and Lip and Kev are selling pot off an ice cream truck. Fiona is nursing a bit of a broken heart after we see her decide to stay behind and not leave with Steve, so she’s definitely playing the field and acting out a bit. We see her moral compass a little altered and she’s actually acting a bit more like Frank, her father, than we’ve seen before.”

On how she’s able to be so versatile with her roles:
“I try to find the key into every character, sometimes it’s the way they walk or talk, sometimes it’s tapping into something inside of myself that’s very personal and clues me into what the character is feeling.”

On the musical icons/actors she admires:
“Dolly, Barbara, Ella…so many different singers. I love Tilda Swinton (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). She keeps surprising me with her choices.”

On her holiday celebration plans:
“I already have holiday music on my Pandora a week before Thanksgiving. I am going to visit my family on the east coast and maybe even pop by Joan Cusack’s house in Michigan as I’ve become a sort of a surrogate aunt to her two sons who are awesome! I’ve always wanted brothers and they make me laugh. I love her whole family.”