Harry Potter is coming out soon. New installment of the popular book is in cinema July 15.

British starlet and U.S. university Columbia student covers Elle magazine August 2009, Teen Vogue and magazine issues Sunday Herald Sun Magazine and Times Magazine.

Times Magazine shows us black-and-white photoshoot and an interesting interview with Emma. The article about actress is named Siren Call.

In the interview she talks about her life and Hermione, about her family and future.

You wouldn’t believe how much I was compelled to plat Hermione. I knew I was right to play her, evem when my parents were trying to convince not to. I made it my life for three or four month just getting through auditions.

When I was just becoming a teenager, I took some coaxing to get into those horrible jumpers, but now I really use the discomfort, the itchiness, the backcombed hair, to get into character.”

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For Sunday Herald Sun Magazine Emma also talks about her acting beginning, her life and future.

You’ve said previously that after the Harry Potter films are done, you’re not sure you’ll continue to be a full-time actor.

I was a little bit shocked by people’s responses. Maybe it’s because there are so many people who want to be famous, they think how could I not want this? Or how could I not want to keep it forever? But I just want to be sure it’s what I want. I was so young when I started and I don’t think I knew the greatness of what I was signing up for. I want to study and I’d love to try theatre. I say all this now, but I’m sure I’ll still be here in 10 years, making Harry Potter number 30.