Emma Watson has backtracked on her comments suggesting she hated locking lips with co-star Rupert Grint in the new HARRY POTTER movie – by branding the young actor a “very good kisser.” The British actress has repeatedly told interviewers how she had dreaded her smooching scene with Grint in the latest wizard installment, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

Watson even went as far to say that she was “desperate” for the scene to wrap, insisting it was anything but sexy. She said, “I pounced on him, I was so desperate to get it over with.” But it seems the 19-year-old is aiming to heal some of the damage she caused to Grint’s ego – by heaping praise on his snogging techniques in a recent interview. Watson tells London radio station Heart FM, “He was a very good kisser. I think Rupert’s very handsome. Oh totally, he’s looking good. Totally, definitely. Definitely.”