We hope Emma Watson’s not a lady of her word.

Because if she sticks to what she’s told Teen Vogue, we may cry.

The Harry Potter star has said she may not carry on acting…

She apparently told the mag she has no burning passion for acting.

“Until something comes along that I feel as strongly about as I did Hermione – like, I felt that it was life or death – I don’t want to act again.”

She went on to say: “I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my life.

“I literally wear my pyjama bottoms to set. I roll out of bed and put on a hoody and some Ugg boots.”

In a rare moment of candidness, she also spoke about her boyfriend, 25-year-old Jay Barrymore, and said reports of a split are rubbish.

“The only reason it’s ‘on/off’ is because the papers make up so much rubbish.”

Something Emma won’t discuss is which university she’ll be heading to: “I just want to keep it private for as long as I can.

“I probably sound like a paranoid nut, but I’m doing this because I want to be normal. I really want anonymity.”