demiDemi Lovato is leaving Sonny With a Chance, the Disney Channel TV series that made her a star.

In an interview with People magazine, Demi said she didn’t “think going back to Sonny would be healthy for my recovery”. Instead, she said she wants to focus on her music career.

The 18-year-old entered a treatment facility for three months last year to deal with what were termed emotional and physical issues.

In a statement, Disney Channel said it respects Demi’s decision to focus on her music and “not immediately” return to acting. Sonny will continue airing as a spin-off titled So Random, with the original show’s cast, guest stars and musical acts, Disney said.

The company also offered its support while the young star works to “improve her health and bounce back from adversity.”

In an interview airing on Friday on Good Morning America and 20/20, Demi recounted developing an eating disorder as an eight-year-old who faced bullying. She later started cutting her wrists to vent her despair, she said.

“I’ve spoken openly about being bullied throughout the past few years, but one thing that I’ve never been able to feel comfortable talking about was the effects that it had on my life, afterwards,” she told ABC News’ Robin Roberts.

“I literally didn’t know why they were being so mean to me,” she said. “And when I would ask them why, they would just say, ‘Well, you’re fat’.”