d-goodrem-sp-gcnStepping away from the set of Australia’s “The Voice,” Delta Goodrem scored a feature in Cosmopolitan Australia’s June 2013 issue.

After striking a gorgeous pose for the spread, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter opened up about dealing with the audience’s opinions and clearing the air about a few rumors.

Check out GossipCenter’s recap of Miss Goodrem’s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Cosmopolitan Australia!

On handling social media criticism:
“Well, it’s the way of the world right now. Our show is no different to others, where everybody voices their opinion. I equate it to writing in your diary – sometimes you write your bad days, rather than your good days. I’m somebody who likes to write out the good things and be appreciate and always thankful, but not everybody feels that way.”

On growing a tougher skin for this season of “The Voice”:
“I think that it was just a storm last year and I’ve been in the industry for a long time, so I can move on from it. People have had their say and I’ve grown stronger. Now, stuff just rolls off me. I’m like, ‘Yep, cool, moving on…’ And I’m sorry to say, but it only reflects badly on other people now. We all get it, though. No big deal!”

On her friendship with the other mentors:
“I’ve know Joel [Madden] forever, so when we’re on set we laugh a lot. We tend to play like we’re kids. Ricky [Martin] and I bonded straight away, which was a beautiful thing. As for Seal and me, we have had a wonderful friendship. We’ve kind of earned each other’s respect, because we’re not characters who become your best friend straight away. We can both be quite reserved, and that’s why we’ve become such great friends.”

On relationship rumors with Seal:
“Oh my gosh! We were crying with laughter. We sent the funniest emails about it. He was so lovely and beautiful though, check that I was OK. We were like, maybe we should set up a wedding on the show? But no, Seal and I are definitely just friends.”