My perfect weekend involves plenty of sleep. I love lie-ins, but it’s not easy with a two year-old called Claudia Rose. The other requirement would be that my partner Ivan [Stein] isn’t working. He was a civil servant when we met, but he’s changed careers. He’s passionate about food and now he’s a chef, he often works at weekends. Fortunately, he isn’t working at the moment.

The weekend would be spent in Scotland. I lived in London for 10 years and loved the life but, a year ago, I felt the urge to move back to Scotland to be nearer my family in Largs, Ayrshire. It’s where I grew up. My mother is a Scot and my father is an Italian ice-cream maker.

We decided to settle in Glasgow, because there’s more opportunity for Ivan to find work. But it’s only a 40-minute drive from Largs, which means my parents can collect Claudia on Fridays, giving us a break.

It’s our opportunity to visit Michael Caines’s restaurant, ABode, in Bath Street.

Like everyone in my family, I’m a huge foodie. I usually go for meat or shellfish and a bottle of rioja – the more expensive the better.

On Saturday morning, we’ll drive down the west coast to my parents to collect Claudia and take her for a walk along the beach. I’ve always enjoyed hill walking and Ivan has taken to dashing up Munros, but we usually amble along the shingles watching Claudia throw pebbles in the sea. She knows that we’ll eventually arrive at my brother’s café restaurant, Nardini’s, on the seafront and uncle Aldo will give her an ice cream.

In the evening Aldo and my other brother, Mickey, and their girlfriends and children join us for a family dinner which will be cooked by my father and Ivan. They get on really well and make a lot of noise in the kitchen. I think that Ivan is the superior cook but my father has been in catering all his life so is incapable of taking a back seat.

Ivan holds Claudia on his hip while he cooks. She talks now and will call out “Onions! Garlic! Stock!” She’s going to be a fine cook like her daddy and I will never have to cook again.

Mother and I will grab a glass of wine and retreat upstairs to the sitting-room to gossip and watch the ships on the Clyde.

The food could be Scottish, Mediterranean or French and it’ll be a long meal as there’s always a lot of catching up. Afterwards we might play a game. When we were teenagers I played backgammon with my brothers. We were very competitive and that hasn’t changed.

We might stay overnight and on Sunday take the ferry from Largs to the island of Great Cumbrae. It only takes 15 minutes and then we’ll get our bicycles, put Claudia on a child’s seat and follow the cycle path around the island to Millport where we stop for refreshments.

I haven’t severed my ties with the capital – we’ve kept my small flat in west London and Ivan’s house in east London. But after being away for so long it’s fun to be back in Scotland. I admit that it does rain quite a lot, but there is nowhere more lovely when the sun shines.