Now Connie Fisher, who opens tomorrow in The Sound of Music at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, has admitted it may be her final musical.

“I’m not sure I will be doing many more,” says the 26-year-old. “To quote Michael Jackson ‘This is it.’ Never say never, but for now I would like to do more television. I would like to go into presenting.”

In April, I disclosed how Fisher was forced to abandon a tour performing songs from her album Secret Love after doctors told her she had to have an operation on her vocal cords to save her voice.

Clinton’s date with the Lady Taverners

Although Carole Stone has always claimed to be the queen of London’s networkers – and she certainly has an “in” with a lot of newscasters judging by her Christmas parties – Sally Allen would appear to know people in even loftier circles.

As a member of the committee of the Lady Taverners, she decided to think big when Denise Horne, her chairman, asked for suggestions for a speaker for a black tie evening at the Hilton, Park Lane. “How about Bill Clinton?” she asked.

Remarkably, she has just delivered and Clinton will address the ladies on Oct 30. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get,” Sally tells me. “I know Onni Nordstrom, who knows the president through the World Celebrity Golf. He offered us one date in 12 months and we grabbed it.”

Dancing is strictly off limits for Twiggy

Twiggy, once the face of the Sixties, turns 60 this autumn. The M&S model does not, however, feel the need to resort to an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing. “Every year they ask me to do that programme, but I just can’t do it and I never will,” she tells me at a charity auction in Bloomsbury in aid of Barnardo’s hosted by Sass & Bide. “It makes me feel sick just at the thought of it.”

Good for her. Twiggy is in any case a toddler compared to Carmen Dell’Orefice, once the muse of Salvador Dali, who is still going strong as a model at the grand old age of 78, not least because she lost her life savings to Bernard Madoff.