Cheryl Cole to front a US version of The X Factor

Despite her thick Geordie accent it looks like Cheryl Cole is being lined up to front a US version of The X Factor when Simon Cowell takes the show over there.

Let’s hope the Yanks can understand her!

Senior executives from NBC, the channel set to host the show, will fly to the UK to watch her at the live auditions taking place at the moment.

A source said: “Simon is on the brink of signing a deal to take The X Factor to America and, if he gets his way, Cheryl will be its star.

“He thinks she has amazing presence and her down-to-earth Northern charm will appeal to the American public. She is also an incredibly beautiful girl.

“She won’t get paid anything like the million pound salary she’s on here, because obviously she is not as well known in the States.

“But if it is a success, like most of Simon’s shows are, it could catapult her into the big league.”

Simon already fronts American Idol for rival network Fox and will not be able to appear making Cheryl the main focus.

Go Chezza!