irewriwqieCheryl Cole used to phone her precious pooches when she was working away.

The singer has two Chihuahuas called Coco and Buster. She said she missed them like crazy but was forced to give up the phone calls when they seemed far from interested.

The 27-year-old told Hello magazine, “When I’m away I miss the dogs like crazy. I used to talk to them on the phone but I don’t now because I’ve discovered they’re not interested. They don’t listen.”

“I love spending time with Buster and Coco. That’s how I relax, just chilling out with them. They’re only Chihuahuas so they’re only little, but they’ve got big personalities.”

She added, “I think Buster sees himself as lord of the manor and if I’m away and my mum takes him up to Newcastle, it’s like he’s kingpin up there as well.”

“Coco is nervous of other people so she follows me everywhere and looks to me for protection. She’s my little baby.”